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There are many reasons besides injuries and pain to seek chiropractic care Most of our patients come in when they are experiencing pain, but chiropractic care is also helpful in increasing energy and maintaining good health.  Monthly chiropractic adjustments are what I do myself, and what I recommend to my patients. Manage the pains of your lifestyle Non-invasive pain management Call now to schedule your chiropractic appointment 309-797-3008 Pain relief is just A phone call away! We provide 24/7 access and same day appointments and walk-ins are welcome

Working long hours and performing tasks that are physically challenging such as sports can take a toll on your body. Back, neck and shoulder pain can be a part of your everyday life, especially if you were involved in an auto accident.  Headaches may be caused by the mental and physical aspects of your lifestyle. You don’t need to suffer daily pain any longer.

Spinal adjustments

Extremity adjustments

Trigger-point therapy

Psoas relief

Intersegmental traction

Electrical stimulation (TENS units)

Kinesio taping (see picture)

Activator (Low-force adjusting)